“Night is not something to endure until dawn…”



UNTITLED {work in progress/incomplete}

My mind is racing, my heart thumping, my eyes flooding. My mind aches. I didn’t even know that was possible. I walk over to the mirror… and I face my biggest critic. I hate who I see staring back at me with lifeless, dull eyes. My soul has begun to crack. 

Limitations? What are those?!

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit  when there are footprints on the moon”

Don't try to push your limits onto me... I will overcome.

Don’t try to push your limits onto me… I will overcome.

Smoking is Suicide…

Don’t smoke… second and even third hand smoke is even deadlier. It’s called suicide because it’s your choice – don’t fill a child’s lungs, then it’s murder…



Odd Ball Left Out…

I always will remember what it felt like to be thought of as “the freak”. People picking and pulling me apart for the tiniest of flaws. After a while you start to unravel.  It’s something I wouldn’t wish upon even my worse of enemies. To feel like your mind has been set ablaze with a single match head. One word… that’s all it takes.

The Darkening Pit…

Sometimes I feel as if I’ve fallen into an abyss so deep, not even an eternity searching for me would be adequate enough to find me. I feel so lost inside my own mind. I’ve locked myself away… and I’m afraid I forgot where I’ve hidden the key. My soul aches for release and I continuously deny if the freedom it so richly craves. Instead I stuff myself down further into the darkening pit.  Even my mind is starting to rebel against me. It’s like I am stuck on the same sickening sounds. Replaying the saddest of tunes over and over again. On a never-ending loop. Too bad I’ve forgotten how to sing.

Voice of Treason…

How can I go on? How can I continue this sickly, blissful ignorance to the past? For I know your song isn’t as sweet as it once was. Treason seeps from your lips and delivers a poisonous sting to my soul, and I continue to drink. I’ve lost my sense of sight and stumble blindly across this earth. Only to become swept up into a tornado of chaos…

Crashing Of The Waves…

The seas are becoming ever so rough. These thoughts roar in my mind like the sound of waves crashing upon the rocky shore. The thundering is deafening… but still manages to have a sweet longing in it’s forcefulness. I withstand the blows constantly slamming into me. “Stay strong” I repeat in my mind. Stay strong…



Hello there fellow bloggers: My name is Jordan. I was born and raised in Chambersburg, PA. I lived there til June 2013 when I moved to The Sunshine State. This is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me!

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