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The Silent Epidemic

Below is a great, eye opening documentary about vaccines and the adverse reactions they can cause.

“Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines”


Vaccine Articles


In 1978-79, eleven babies (all in Tennessee) were found to have died within eight days of a DPT vaccination.

Nine of the eleven had been vaccinated with the same lot of pertussis vaccine, Wyeth #64201 and five (four from the same lot) had died within twenty-four hours of vaccination.

(Now will you please take another look at the memo.)

Read closely — a series of SIDS deaths in Tennessee is prompting Wyeth officials to make sure that vials from a single lot don’t get distributed to a single state, county or health department.

(Essentially, spread the death out so no one will know.)

The statistical evidence in favor of a connection between the deaths and the DPT shot was strong. Would the medical authorities bite the bullet and admit the vaccine was related to the deaths? Absolutely not.

It’s a long and unpleasant tale, but when all was said and done, the tombstone was placed on what happened in Tennessee three years later, in the September 1982 issue of the Journal of Pediatrics, when Bernier and his colleagues at the CDC wrote their epitaph on the infant deaths. They made this amazing statement: “Whether or not this temporal association reflects a causal relationship remains undetermined; we found no evidence to support such a causal association.”

(What has changed? How are lots distributed now?)

Commenter’s questions: “Do drug companies, the HMOs, the AAP and the CDC really have a track record of tracking down every report of side effects, encouraging the public to make use of the VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) system and vigilantly monitoring the VSD database? Are they the ones we want to trust to tell us whether there is any “causal association” between vaccines and SIDS, or autism, or asthma, or ADD?”





March Against Monsanto – May 23rd, 2015

Fuck Monsanto

                                                                                     Fuck Monsanto

You are NOT a sketch, say NO to anorexia (and other eating disorders)!

YOU ARE NOT A SKETCH. Say NO to anorexia (eating disorders).

YOU ARE NOT A SKETCH. Say NO to anorexia (eating disorders).

Stop handguns before they stop you (or someone you love)….

Despite some of you who still want your “right to bear arms” let me just show you this… and although it may not seem like a lot, the numbers (in other countries as well) are rising. Yes, guns don’t shot themselves, but they DO kill. It would be a hell of a lot harder to stab someone to death than shot them. It is a “hands free” method that many deem cleaner, and less violent (like that makes sense) because they aren’t doing it themselves.  It’s funny how when these “It’s my RIGHT to be armed” people see the horrors these weapons can cause and they themselves are left in the aftermath, THAT’S when the change their minds… when their 5 year old baby boy or girl, was ripped from life by some evil piece of garbage that was drugged up on SSRI’s (or any other anti-depressant, etc) and used their “right” to bear arms. Could you look in the mirror after and honestly still feel so hard-assed abut your silly right?


We keep "Little Red Riding Hood" out of schools because of the bottle of wine in her basket. Why not assault weapons?

We keep “Little Red Riding Hood” out of schools because of the bottle of wine in her basket. Why not assault weapons?

One child is holding something banned in the US to protect them.... can you guess which one? (If Kinder chocolate eggs are banned why not assault weapons?)

One child is holding something banned in the US to protect them…. can you guess which one? (If Kinder chocolate eggs are banned why not assault weapons?)

Rant #1 – Why do some pregnant women brag about drinking alcohol?

I am going to start off by saying while I have not yet been graced with the gift of a child, I still know common sense having raised babies and young children (plus some if this is just COMMON SENSE). I was reading posts and articles on one of my favorite baby sites called babycenter when I come across a rather scary trend of posts… pregnant women stating (some bragging about having NO guilt) that they have been drinking alcohol or “sneaking stiff bourbons” while pregnant and FULLY AWARE they are indeed growing a baby inside them. First off, WHAT THE FUCK?!!?!!? Why are so many pregnant women willing to openly admit them are consuming alcohol, and some of these women admit to drink more than “just” wine or beer. I then proceeded to read the rest of the posts. I come to find out it was a blogging area for pregnant women to post what they were consuming that they know is unhealthy for their child. Now let me just say this – I get it. There are TONS of restrictions on what pregnant women can eat, drink, consume, do, bathe in, etc. I also get cravings happen. HOWEVER, some of these “no-nos” as they were calling them (as if they were trying to lessen the blow and pretty their admission up) were there because it is a HIGH RISK health risk. Cigarettes and alcohol being the main ones. There were many others on that list but I won’t go too much into detail (but let’s just say this… the reason you cannot eat RAW FISH is due to the fact that you are at HIGHER RISK for salmonella, you should stay away from caffeine because it can cause defects in your child later on, not to mention make you more jittery than normal. Also is it best to stay away from ANY raw foods like cookie dough or eggs because again, salmonella or bacteria). Why is it women are willing to risk Fetal Alcohol Syndrome just for a stupid vice such as alcohol… ONE DRINK is all it takes. Your child may be PERFECTLY healthy and still have F.A.S. Look at their facial construction… is it a little off? Does it fit the classifications? Does your child get frustrated easily, trouble focusing? Again, the signs and symptoms of F.A.S. may not be noticeable or there may be none at all, but is it really worth it? Just because your child “is perfectly fine” doesn’t really mean they are, or maybe you were just very lucky. Either way, I hope the stupid train quits making stops at your platform, for everyone’s sake.

37 Million Bees Dead – When Will We Get The Message?!?

As much as you may not like bees, we need them in order to survive. If bees go, WE GO TOO.f97ada011fddcc6588bbb5e392b2c8ff



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