Rant #4 – Are You Friggin’ Kidding Me Part II

I found this article on:   http://www.cafemom.com/articles/pregnancy/167047/jenelle_evans_gets_raked_over?utm_medium=sem2&utm_campaign=prisma&utm_source=taboola-z&utm_content=0&non_us=US


This is part two of a rant I previously did on her.


“Teen mom Jenelle Eveans has been pregnant four times. Let that sink in and roll around in your head for a few moments while we get ready for the next shocker. Of the times Jenelle has been pregnant, one resulted in her son Jace, one is her current pregnancy, one resulted in abortion, and one was miscarried. And it’s the latter one that is causing the latest Twitter brouhaha.

Jenelle, in a tweet to a follower, said she could not remember the date of her miscarriage last year. To be sure, having a miscarriage is a horrible thing and I am sure it caused her pain when it happened. At the time, she was in a messy relationship with Courtland Rogers and she made claims against him that it was his fault she lost the baby.

But the fact that she can’t remember the date of her miscarriage has caused many to question whether she even cares. She has been called “pathetic” and many, many other mean thing I won’t repeat here, but let’s just say people are pretty angry on Twitter. But why?

I have known a number of women who miscarried and I even had a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage) myself eight years ago. I don’t remember the date and I am not all that sad about it, especially since I was pregnant with my daughter one month later. Does that make me an awful person?

Of the people I know who had miscarriages, the responses have varied from some who were absolutely devastated beyond belief and who continue to grieve to this day and those who barely think about it an can’t remember the date or even the year. The reality is, there is no one “right” way to respond to a loss like that.

Jenelle may not have been completely ready for a baby. She may not have felt it was a good time. Hell, maybe she was even relieved. So what? Who are we to judge? The way a woman feel about her own body and her own pregnancy is none of our damn business.

This sanctimonious, greater-than-thou assumption that we should somehow be allowed to dictate feelings and judge them accordingly is not doing anyone any favors. I am sure Jenelle has grieved the loss in her own way, but does she have to suffer forever in order to make it OK? And if she can’t remember the exact date, is that somehow implying she doesn’t care?”

Posted by Sasha Brown-Worsham  on cafemom


Rant #3 – Food Court Paranoia

So I am at the food court in my local mall. I was originally in a seat that didn’t have an electrical outlet (and for some reason they have free wifi but only one electrical outlet in the whole food court) so I moved up to the only table that was near one. I don’t know if it is me or if the food court employees are just being oddballs but while sitting up here they have proceeded to stare at me nonstop and send the same woman over to clean the same table (no one was even sitting there the FIRST time she “wiped” it down) several times as well as walk the same path by me. It may not seem like a big deal but it is just a little more than annoying because every single employee at the the one food bar is staring at me like I am a leper. Is it because I have a soda from an outside store? If so we are near a friggin’ beach and the prices in the food court are HORRIBLE so of course on a hot, sunny day I’m gonna bring a 99 cent drink inside instead if that same drink for $2.50. I have a receipt so they KNOW I didn’t steal it. Is it because I am 4 foot 10 (inches) and I look like I should be in school (I am 19!)? I also thought maybe they think I am a worker that isn’t reporting for duties, but they’d realize that after several “take a picture it’ll last longer” moments. Regardless of the reason it is quite annoying (and a little disturbing) that these people are supposed to be working yet they feel the need to watch me type.

Rant #2 – Are you friggin’ kidding me?!

So I was reading up on some celebrity news when I came across a picture of Jenelle Evans and saw she looked somewhat “normal” compared to her usual pictures in the headlines. However as I proceeded to read I saw what she was in the headlines for… she is getting divorced after being married for a whopping 16 months. Not only is she divorcing (or now divorced) her partner in crime (they were once arrested together for possession of heroin) she is currently pregnant YET AGAIN with “boyfriend” Nathan Griffith’s baby.  She spouts off to her friends (and anyone willing to listen to her sorry ass life stories) she “fully expects him to put a ring on it”. So let me get this straight, you divorced you husband because “you weren’t good for each other” and you aren’t even fully divorced yet and you are carrying ANOTHER MAN”S BABY who also ISN’T GOOD FOR YOU. Someone wants their life to get even more fucked then it already is.  How come idiots like Jenelle can get married, divorced, remarried, and have and KEEP her kids… yet loving gay couples can’t get married or adopt? Are you friggin’ kidding me?!?! People like Jenelle honestly DON’T deserve these privileges (I call them privileges because that is EXACTLY what they are… not rights. Not everyone can adopt or marry or even have kids. This is 100%proven) and yet we still deny those who would do an awesome and better job the opportunity to get married/adopt. Ridiculous. 

Rant #1 – Why do some pregnant women brag about drinking alcohol?

I am going to start off by saying while I have not yet been graced with the gift of a child, I still know common sense having raised babies and young children (plus some if this is just COMMON SENSE). I was reading posts and articles on one of my favorite baby sites called babycenter when I come across a rather scary trend of posts… pregnant women stating (some bragging about having NO guilt) that they have been drinking alcohol or “sneaking stiff bourbons” while pregnant and FULLY AWARE they are indeed growing a baby inside them. First off, WHAT THE FUCK?!!?!!? Why are so many pregnant women willing to openly admit them are consuming alcohol, and some of these women admit to drink more than “just” wine or beer. I then proceeded to read the rest of the posts. I come to find out it was a blogging area for pregnant women to post what they were consuming that they know is unhealthy for their child. Now let me just say this – I get it. There are TONS of restrictions on what pregnant women can eat, drink, consume, do, bathe in, etc. I also get cravings happen. HOWEVER, some of these “no-nos” as they were calling them (as if they were trying to lessen the blow and pretty their admission up) were there because it is a HIGH RISK health risk. Cigarettes and alcohol being the main ones. There were many others on that list but I won’t go too much into detail (but let’s just say this… the reason you cannot eat RAW FISH is due to the fact that you are at HIGHER RISK for salmonella, you should stay away from caffeine because it can cause defects in your child later on, not to mention make you more jittery than normal. Also is it best to stay away from ANY raw foods like cookie dough or eggs because again, salmonella or bacteria). Why is it women are willing to risk Fetal Alcohol Syndrome just for a stupid vice such as alcohol… ONE DRINK is all it takes. Your child may be PERFECTLY healthy and still have F.A.S. Look at their facial construction… is it a little off? Does it fit the classifications? Does your child get frustrated easily, trouble focusing? Again, the signs and symptoms of F.A.S. may not be noticeable or there may be none at all, but is it really worth it? Just because your child “is perfectly fine” doesn’t really mean they are, or maybe you were just very lucky. Either way, I hope the stupid train quits making stops at your platform, for everyone’s sake.



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