Rant #4 – Are You Friggin’ Kidding Me Part II

I found this article on:   http://www.cafemom.com/articles/pregnancy/167047/jenelle_evans_gets_raked_over?utm_medium=sem2&utm_campaign=prisma&utm_source=taboola-z&utm_content=0&non_us=US


This is part two of a rant I previously did on her.


“Teen mom Jenelle Eveans has been pregnant four times. Let that sink in and roll around in your head for a few moments while we get ready for the next shocker. Of the times Jenelle has been pregnant, one resulted in her son Jace, one is her current pregnancy, one resulted in abortion, and one was miscarried. And it’s the latter one that is causing the latest Twitter brouhaha.

Jenelle, in a tweet to a follower, said she could not remember the date of her miscarriage last year. To be sure, having a miscarriage is a horrible thing and I am sure it caused her pain when it happened. At the time, she was in a messy relationship with Courtland Rogers and she made claims against him that it was his fault she lost the baby.

But the fact that she can’t remember the date of her miscarriage has caused many to question whether she even cares. She has been called “pathetic” and many, many other mean thing I won’t repeat here, but let’s just say people are pretty angry on Twitter. But why?

I have known a number of women who miscarried and I even had a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage) myself eight years ago. I don’t remember the date and I am not all that sad about it, especially since I was pregnant with my daughter one month later. Does that make me an awful person?

Of the people I know who had miscarriages, the responses have varied from some who were absolutely devastated beyond belief and who continue to grieve to this day and those who barely think about it an can’t remember the date or even the year. The reality is, there is no one “right” way to respond to a loss like that.

Jenelle may not have been completely ready for a baby. She may not have felt it was a good time. Hell, maybe she was even relieved. So what? Who are we to judge? The way a woman feel about her own body and her own pregnancy is none of our damn business.

This sanctimonious, greater-than-thou assumption that we should somehow be allowed to dictate feelings and judge them accordingly is not doing anyone any favors. I am sure Jenelle has grieved the loss in her own way, but does she have to suffer forever in order to make it OK? And if she can’t remember the exact date, is that somehow implying she doesn’t care?”

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UNTITLED {work in progress/incomplete}

My mind is racing, my heart thumping, my eyes flooding. My mind aches. I didn’t even know that was possible. I walk over to the mirror… and I face my biggest critic. I hate who I see staring back at me with lifeless, dull eyes. My soul has begun to crack. 

Limitations? What are those?!

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit  when there are footprints on the moon”

Don't try to push your limits onto me... I will overcome.

Don’t try to push your limits onto me… I will overcome.

Smoking is Suicide…

Don’t smoke… second and even third hand smoke is even deadlier. It’s called suicide because it’s your choice – don’t fill a child’s lungs, then it’s murder…





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