Let’s Start The Fight – Ignore “Ana” and “Mia”

So before some of you misunderstand what I mean by this post let me clear it up. The names Ana and Mia (as well as a few other names for other mental illnesses) are being used to hide or describe the eating disorders Anorexia and Bulimia. In this day in age freedom of speech is being taken WAY too far. There are websites out there telling people of all genders and ages to starve themselves/diet/vomit or hurt themselves, or even kill themselves. These sites even have”tips” and links to sites to buy any items necessary.  The sites are run my older men, older women, and even CHILDREN. That’s right children are now telling other children how to become anorexic/bulimic. Sharing pictures, insane diets, quotes, ideas, etc. These sites are being labeled as “self help” and for those in recovery – all lies. I have found some sites that claim to wanna help those with eating disorders, actually telling their followers “you are only pretty and worth it, if you’re not eating”. As someone who has had an eating disorder, this disgusts me. It is NOT fun, it is NOT pretty, it is NOT worth it. It IS a LIVING HELL.  Your skin dries out and peels, your hair will fall out, teeth will be lost, as well as the hundreds of other health problems that result from eating disorders.  It consumes your every thought and it becomes you. That’s why seeing girls as young as 10 years old telling other young girls to starve themselves and take diet pills – disgusts me as well as frightens me. So I’ve decided to blog about it. To expose how sick and detailed this not so underground train-wreck really is. They are allowed to do all this -freedom of speech… I want to change this. Same reasons why yelling “fire” in crowded theater isn’t considered freedom of speech… I want to add these sites onto that list.  



Hello there fellow bloggers: My name is Jordan. I was born and raised in Chambersburg, PA. I lived there til June 2013 when I moved to The Sunshine State. This is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me!

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